It’s a hot summer day and even Hello Ljubljana hand fan isn’t enough to get the temperatures down? Here’s top 3 spots to chill in shade in Ljubljana!

It’s easy to fall in love with picturesque Ljubljana, but it can get burning hot in the city during the long summer days. Fortunately for you, we know top places to chill in Ljubljana! They are all in the city center, free or cheap and kids & pet friendly.

Check them out and make sure to bring your Hello Ljubljana hand fan with you. Send us your photos and the best ones get to be on our blog’s gallery, instagram and facebook!


No.1 place to chill in Ljubljana – The Tivoli Park

Park Trivoli Ljubljana

One of the things we love most about Ljubljana is the fact that it’s green. There are trees and a bit of shade everywhere, along with a park here and a park there. The biggest and the most gorgeous one is Trivoli Park in the very centre of Ljubljana.

Covering an area of approximately five square kilometres, it provides deep shade impenetrable to sun even on the hottest of all days. It’s perfect for kids and if you’re traveling with a four-legged friend. Simply bring a blanket, a picnic bag and badminton equipment and have a day to remember in Ljubljana. That’s actually what locals do after work and during the weekends.

Don’t be surprised if a squirrel or a swan comes to visit you. They are quite friendly and used to visitors. From Tivoli Park you can take an easy hike to Rožnik hill, also popular by Ljubljana residents.

No. 2 place to chill in Ljubljana – Ljubljanica embankment

If you just want to relax and have a lazy day with a cup of coffee in your hands or a glass of wine, we suggest visiting one of many cafés and bars with outdoor seating areas on the banks of Ljubljanica river.

If you are more of “bring your own drink with yourself” kind of person who would love to just sit around on broad stone steps descending towards the river and enjoy its flow, then we suggest visiting The Trnovski pristan embankment You’ll see plenty of young folks from Ljubljana, who often hang out there on warm summer days. They like to refer to it as “Ljubljana beach”.

The Petkovšek Embankment, the stretch of the left bank of the Ljubljanica between the Triple Bridge and the Butchers’ Bridge, is currently the hippiest place in Ljubljana, with a series of bars, restaurants and pubs underneath the spreading trees that line the embankment.

No 3 place to chill in Ljubljana – on a boat

Imagine cooling down in shade while a nice wind is blowing while you cruise down Ljubljanica river with a glass of cold drink in your hand. Well, that’s exactly what you get when you take a half hour tour with Boat Barjanka.  

Do you have another suggestion on where to chill on a hot summer day in Ljubljana? Let us know and we’ll add it to our blog!